Here are a few of my other LEGO creations not already featured elsewhere on the website, along with brief explanations of the features for each build. Click on any gallery to view the images as a slideshow.



     "When you play the game of thrones you win or

     you die."  ~ Cersei Lannister


After reading the books (and watching the show) the idea of a customizable cyvasse board seemed ideally suited to LEGO construction.


The board splits in two for set-up, with detachable and repositionable terrain tiles (grass, water, forest, mountain, & fortress).


Gameplay is based on this rule set, and the pieces (from weakest to strongest) are: Rabble, Spearmen, Crossbowmen, Light Horse, Heavy Horse, Elephant, Scorpion, Catapult, Dragon, and King.




After attending a few Brick Shows I'd found the bright and shiny Tiny Turbo designs to be surprisingly popular, but lacked any adequate means of displaying them.


Inspired by Tommy ñ's TT Backdrop on Flickr, I came up with this modular build with 2 double garages per 32x32 baseplate unit (two such units are shown here).


Each garage is packed with accessories — including pull-down ceiling-mounted computers, fuel rigs, tire stands, and toolboxes — and has doors at the rear for team access.



Sgt. Foley: (coughs) Roger that. Everyone listen up - new plan. Ramirez! Take your team and secure Burger Town! We're gonna move Raptor over there! This location has been compromised!


This is a microscale recreation of the Wolverines/ Body Count/Homeland Security level from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, inspired in part by a MOC by Steebles on Flickr.


The build is modular, consisting of nine detachable units in a 3x3 grid. Included are the crashed Super Stallion and the flying Havoc gunship and Predator drone, as well as many other details such as the bomb crater and flipped car in the Taco-to-Go parking lot.



Karate is my other major hobby outside of LEGO, and after acquiring a collectible karateka minifigure I felt he deserved an appropriate display piece (and a sparring partner).


The dojo design draws inspiration from the famous Neo vs Morpheus scene in the first Matrix movie, but the characters here represent Yoshukai karateka practising bo tai sai Okinawan kobudo.


The sai are from custom parts from Custom Crazy, as is the bo which is a lance cut down to the length of a 6L bar.



These models all began as alternate builds for official 1:17 scale LEGO sets (the 8652 Enzo, 8156 FXX, and two copies of the 8169 Gallardo). Being created from purchased sets, they are some of the few models I have built which did not begin as virtual models in LDraw.


They have also been continually revisited and updated over the years, with various upgrades added for the engines, interiors, and bodywork.

As a result they are no longer strictly single set alternate builds, due to the many additional parts that have been added to each model.



For a long time I've wanted to recreate in Lego form some of the amazing artwork produced by the creator of the famous Aliens Xenomorph. This particular painting has always been a personal favourite, and lends itself well to being built in bricks.

The Lego version shown contains 3,835 pieces and measures 53 x 37 x 5cm. Several advanced SNOT techniques were used in assembling the skulls and attaching all sub-assemblies to the rear wall and surrounding frame.

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