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SdKfz-263 Funkspahwagen
SdKfz-263 Funkspahwagen



The Funkspahwagen was a command and reconnaissance version of the German eight-wheeled armored car. Fitted with a large radio antenna frame, the vehicle had a driver position in each direction and a 6-fwd/6-rev gearbox allowing it to be driven in either direction.

This model contains 404 parts and features:

  • Accurate complexly-angled armor panels

  • Detachable roof cover for interior access

  • Internal space for a crew of three

  • Forward machine gun and rear spare tire

  • Hinged engine cover above a detailed engine bay

This model is available for purchase as a kitset in (non-Lego) clone bricks from the BlueBrixx website, and FREE building instructions are also available upon registration. Click the link below to find out more.

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